Pinot Noir Apple Cider Vinegar
Pinot Noir Apple Cider Vinegar

Pinot Noir Apple Cider Vinegar

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Little Apple Treats is a family owned orchard and farm nestled in beautiful Sonoma County, growing the highest quality heirloom apples for making award winning apple cider-based products.

In this incredibly delicious vinegar, local pinot noir grapes are picked and pressed by hand and co-fermented with the farms own heirloom apples. The rich blackberry and plum notes of the grapes balance the apples' mellow tartness. 

Slowly barrel-aged using the Orleans method, the result is a complex and versatile vinegar that's perfect in vinaigrettes, glazes, or as a finishing drizzle.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, these vinegars are a living product packed with probiotics and healthful benefits. 

Packaged in a beautiful deep violet-blue bottle, this vinegar makes a thoughtful gift for any food loving person and home cook. 

Ingredients: Organic apples, grapes. 8.5FL OZ