Pretty Mushroom
Pretty Mushroom
Pretty Mushroom

Pretty Mushroom

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*Pretty Mushroom is a blend of super mushrooms and adaptogens that works from the inside out to protect against inflammation, sun damage and wrinkles, and enhance an overall glow and sense of well-being. 

*Main Benefits: Protects against hyper pigmentation and wrinkles, improves skin moisture and elasticity, anti-inflammatory, provides protection against UV rays, antioxidant.

Key Ingredients: 

Rose Hips - Rose hips are the edible part of a rose plant that contain sixty times the vitamin C content of a citrus fruit. Studies have shown that orally ingested rose hips are an effective treatment against hyperpigmentation and skin wrinkles, as well as improve skin moisture and elasticity.

Astragulus - Astragalus has been prescribed for centuries as an immune system supporting herbal remedy. Studies have shown that this immune support can translate into a reduction in atopic dermatitis (eczema). Other than soothing allergic and inflamed skin, Astragalus has been shown to protect the skin against photoaging associated with UV radiation. In this formulation, Astragalus is paired with Angelicae Sinensis in order to increase bioavailability.

Cordyceps - Found in the highlands of Nepal, Tibet, and China, cordyceps is often called the “caterpillar mushroom.” In this formulation cordyceps’ adaptogenic ability is used to decrease fatigue and increase physical endurance. Studies have also shown that cordyceps protects the skin against ultraviolet radiation damage.

Turmeric - This bright yellow root has been used in both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. Curcumin, the active chemical compound in turmeric, has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce depression and pain. Studies have shown that oral intake of curcumin helps with acne, atopic dermatitis, and facial photoaging (sun damage). In this formulation, turmeric is paired with black pepper in order to increase the bioavailability of curcumin.

How to Use: Add one teaspoon to your favorite morning smoothie, cup of coffee, or your favorite nut milk latte. We also suggest visiting Peak and Valley's website for their fantastic recipes, such as their coconut butter dipped strawberries.

Formulated in small batches by Peak and Valley; Seattle, Washington.

Wildcrafted | Organic | Vegan | Sustainably Sourced

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare practitioner before use, or if pregnant or nursing.