Bronze Loop Bracelet

Bronze Loop Bracelet


A minimal, industrial modern bracelet for everyday wear.

An asymmetrical design with a solid brass thrust washer at its center, connected by 14k gold filled chain and a dark sable brown cord. The bracelet is finished with a free moving brass bead. A 14k gold filled magnetic closure which uses a strong rare earth (neodymium) magnet makes for an easy way to get the bracelet on and off.

Overall bracelet length measures 6.75โ€

Every industrial metal element is coated by hand with a jewelry grade sealer to prevent interaction with your skin or discoloration/oxidization. These metals may slightly patina naturally over time, and that process is intentional. Highlighting these metals is a key feature in the Makerware line and allows each piece to be truly unique.

Using raw materials and a minimalist aesthetic, each bracelet is handmade by Ashley Nardone of MAKERWARE and DUOFAB (visual design) in Lake Worth, Florida. Ashleyโ€™s design focus with Makerware is to take unconventional materials and reinvent them as wearable, everyday objects.

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