Anatomy of a Horse Silk Scarf | Blush

Anatomy of a Horse Silk Scarf | Blush

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"This is the head of a horse. The horse head has been a talisman through the ages.

When considering the inner anatomy of a horse, a visual pattern is revealed that is as strong and graceful as the animal itself.

Working with this shape and adjusting angles and lines we arrive at an inspired pattern."  -Deborah Monaghan, Visual Artist

A lovely, heirloom-quality silk scarf designed and handmade by Deborah Monaghan of ThinkBody in Livingston, Montana. Beautiful, insulating, and comfortable, don't save this wearable piece of fine art for special occasions. It's durable and functional for every day use. 

  • 19mm; 100% silk
  • Measures 27"w x 27"l
  • Gently hand wash, hang to dry
  • Iron with a cool iron if needed
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